We are grateful to have received so much support from our community.


I wanted to let you know that we at Avery Ranch Golf Club love your magazine. We could not be more pleased with the look and feel and quality of the magazine. It truly embodies everything that Avery Ranch has to offer. “Within three days of the first release, we had over 10 people bring in the magazine and ask about the offer we had in the magazine. We have never had that kind of response before with advertising so that was encouraging and exciting that you have a product that reaches people on a personal and professional level! “We are extremely happy clients and will be with Avery Ranch Living for a LONG, LONG time to come. On a personal note, you are absolutely fantastic to work with, and you put so much passion and hard work into everything you do. You bring so much value to this magazine with your networking and passion to make connections for all of your clients.  We appreciate you and your product and look so forward to the continued relationship with you and Avery Ranch Living!

Autumn Marks
Director of Events at Avery Ranch Golf Club

Laura launched and published a new community magazine in a short time without sacrificing quality. She delivered as promised and fulfilled the needs of the community and focus groups as demonstrated by a string of strong testimonials and feedback from the readers and residents. “Laura is a true professional and excels at networking, partnering, and creating powerful connections to get things done. She is always moving forward and creatively finds solutions to keep a project on task. From a networking perspective she is a social hub of valuable connections. “Most important to our non-profit organization, Laura went above and beyond to help our mission and 'shouted from the rooftops' to get the word out about Texas Humane Heroes. Her efforts created success for both our organization and for her publication, proving that social-cause marketing works and is effective for companies, as well as the social cause that is being advocated. Laura proved this while helping to save more animals. We are grateful for her work, efforts, passion, and professionalism.

Ron Marullo
Executive Director at Texas Humane Heroes

Laura's professionalism and energy is without equal, and it was a pleasure doing business with her as a sponsor/advertiser in Avery Ranch Living magazine at N2 Publishing. Her personal attention to detail for my advertising needs goes well beyond that which I would have expected after the initial sale. She dedicates significant time and effort to ensure my advertising efforts (and dollars) are maximized each month. I highly recommend Laura and N2 Publishing.

Mike Shenk
Owner at Learning Cycle Tutors

The residents of Avery Ranch are fortunate to have Laura working tirelessly for their community! As a resident herself, Laura truly cares about the people who live there and her passion and compassion shows in all elements of her work. As a colleague, mentor and friend, I can personally attest to Laura's dedication to excellence!

Rachelle Grossman
Publisher/Owner of Life in the Ranch at Brushy Creek

It's rewarding knowing that we have a resident that has taken up the enormous challenge of creating a magazine for our community. This is no easy task and Laura Capes Terry pulled it off with flying colors. Great things happen in Avery Ranch and I advise you to share your stories with Laura so they can be highlighted in the magazine. Her contact is in the mag.

Ryan Coover
Owner of Coover Caramels

Laura is an extremely passionate woman, particularly when it comes to her community. Her work as the publisher of Avery Ranch Living bears that out. She is also very organized, detailed, and energetic. I am lucky to know she is both my colleague and friend. I would recommend anyone interested in doing business in the Avery Ranch community to seek Laura out and work with her. You will find her extensive background in marketing and advertising to be invaluable for your business.

Gabriel Cepeda
Owner/Agent at Cepeda Insurance and Financial Services

In my 25 years of business in a variety of fields, I have had the privilege of working with many outstanding individuals. In that time, I have never worked with a more inspiring and capable catalyst for positive change than Laura Capes Terry. Laura is an inspiring visionary who creates a picture of what can be. However, most stop there. She does not. Laura then proceeds to go forth and make that vision happen, despite whatever obstacles and challenges she may encounter along that path. I have personally watched as Laura overcame the odds and made the seemingly impossible happen. “Laura put all of her heart and soul as well as personal resources into creating Avery Ranch Living. The community of Avery Ranch and its residents have a true gift in Laura and a loyal ambassador for the good of the community. I would wholeheartedly recommend her in any endeavor and stand alongside her on any battlefield.

Kirk Miller
Publisher/Owner of Mueller Living

I wanted to write this email to show how excited and happy the Avery Ranch Board is to see your January print of Avery Ranch Living, both in its content and quality. “We are fully committed to support you in the long term so that we can enjoy this magazine which truly represents Avery Ranch, an elegant community we all call home.Good luck and please reach out to myself orany Board members if there is anything we can do to help you.

Naveed Mahmood
Vice President Avery Ranch HOA

I just wanted to express my appreciation for Laura Capes Terry in bringing Avery Ranch Living magazine to the neighborhood. Her commitment to providing a forum to help bring the community together hasn’t gone unnoticed. Feedback that I have received from our 4000+ families is that they really are pleased with the quality of the magazine and the content that really focuses on the neighborhood. “The Avery Ranch Owners Association has noticed too and is proud to use this publication as an official source for HOA news and communication to all of our residents. If you are interested in developing a presence and partnership with our residents, I encourage you to choose Avery Ranch Living as one of your sources to reach us.

April Aguren
HOA Board Member

Congratulations on your Best Publications award! This makes us proud to be a sponsor and we are thrilled you chose to celebrate this achievement at Z’Tejas in Avery Ranch.

Michael Stone
Owner of Z'Tejas

We are so honored to have our listing on Avery Ranch Living again! If you feel like your business needs a boost, advertising on the magazine may be a good option for you. Contact Laura Capes Terry at laura.terry@n2pub.com more information.

Joyce Peterson
Co-Owner of Kopa Real Estate

Keep up the great work. I am hearing great things about your magazine from the Campers!

Roy Davis
VP at Camp Gladiator

You are doing so well creating such a great publication for your community! You consistently make the list for being one of the best pubs in the region.

Eileen Barber
N2 Publishing

I wanted to thank you for organizing such a great event. I know the weather was not cooperating, but it didn't keep people away! I had great conversations with people and I was able to talk to the residents that didn't even know Hand and Stone was in the center!!! That was the whole point, right? To make residents aware of their local businesses. I talked at length with Ben from TexPTS and worked out a great referral network with my therapists and his clients. “I know it took a lot of planning and property management did a great job in making sure everyone had what they needed and communicated well with everyone. I thought it was a great success and I cannot wait for the fall party!!!

Gina Nobles
Manager of the Hand & Stone

You’ve done wonderful things for the tenants in our center, and for the neighborhood as a whole.

Property Manager at Stonecrest Investments

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