Avery Ranch Living is the best way for a local business to reach the residents of Avery Ranch because the magazine is invited into the home and appreciated by the residents.

Ever wonder what we look for in a sponsor? There are 3 very important criteria. Our sponsors…


1. Cater to a High-End Clientele

When we interview potential business sponsors, the first thing we want to know is that they already cater to a high-end clientele. As you might imagine, there are many businesses that want to do business with the residents of Avery Ranch… but not everyone should. Since we recommend our sponsors to the residents through the magazine, our job is to allow only the best businesses to sponsor Avery Ranch Living.

2. Rely on Word-of-Mouth

Typically, residents in high-end neighborhoods like Avery Ranch make purchasing decisions very differently from the general public. Rather than responding on impulse to coupons, deals and discounts, we know our residents tend to rely heavily on company reputation and recommendations from friends and neighbors—especially for high-consideration purchases like a new home, a new kitchen, a new patio, a new pool, or a new car. Businesses that don’t already have a great reputation and a successful track record with word-of-mouth advertising are generally a red flag for us.


3. Have a Vested Interest in Avery Ranch

Unlike traditional forms of advertising that reach tens or hundreds of thousands of people, Avery Ranch Living is mailed only to the residents of Avery Ranch. Therefore, we look for sponsors that aren’t going anywhere and have a long-term stake in our community.

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